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My “Labyrinth” inspired piece for the David Bowie art show, “Changes, A Bowie Tribute” at Susanita’s Little Gallery / Tumblr

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I adore this - it’s so creative!


Jennifer Connelly at the London premiere of Noah.

If any of you need inspiration for a Labyrinth fic, look no further - this is probably the best Goblin Queen-y Jennifer Connelly’s ever looked. Heck, her skirt is even made from feathers!


[The movie poster for Labyrinth with a bust image of Jareth at the top, holding a crystal ball, in front of a labyrinth design, and Sarah in her masquerade ballgown beneath him, the cast of labyrinth creatures are illustrated to either side of Jareth and Sarah. ]

The 1986 movie Labyrinth,referred to by some critics as the “goth Muppets”, was a product of the creative minds of Jim Henson, Brian Froud, and Terry Jones. In a moment of frustration, while babysitting her younger brother, a young teenage girl, Sarah, repeats a plea from her favorite story to have the Goblin King take away her brother, Toby. To Sarah’s surprise, Jareth the Goblin King answers, taking Toby away. From his castle beyond the goblin city, Jareth watches as Sarah makes her way to the heart of the labyrinth in search of her brother.

Though the movie was the last feature film directed by Jim Henson, and was considered a commercial and critical failure after it’s box office release, Labyrinth slowly became a cult classic in the years that followed. Since 1997, Hollywood, California has been home to The Labyrinth of Jareth a two-day masquerade ball inspired by the masquerade scene between Jareth and Sarah. In the nearly thirty years since it’s release, the movie has also inspired a video game, a manga series, a graphic novel prequel, the Neil Gaiman movie Mirrormask, a legion of dedicated fans, and is still one of the most notable feature film roles for both its non-puppet actors, David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly.

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Labyrinth by Daniel Norris

This is fantastic - the use of the subliminal Bowie face TM is just great!


Ryan Jampole’s Labyrinth artwork for his portfolio.

Wow, this is amazing! I can totally see this as a scene from the actual film.


Labyrinth cards

Nerdly: Any chance you guys either in the series or in a movie or maybe a TV special where you guys might revisit some things you did in the past like maybe another visit to the Labyrinth universe or maybe Dark Crystal?

Brian Henson: Well yes. I mean we’re very, very careful how we would extend or sequel classic works that my dad did. So we’re very careful about it but I can say that there has been thought and there is development both around Labyrinth and Dark Crystal and those are both worlds and universes we would like to see revisited but only if it’s done in the best possible way but yes, we’re thinking about it.

These are complex worlds to produce inside of so it takes a lot of time and energy and careful work to make sure that – we won’t do anything until we’re really confident that we’re doing something that’s great and something that really supports the original work of Jim Henson and doesn’t kind of reconceive it if that makes sense.

Brian Henson chatting to Nerdly

Hmm, most intriguing!


Auction starts at 5 pm EST time



"Time is Short"
10x8” acrylic, colored pencil, and graphite on masonite
My piece for this months Bad Apple Artist Collective"Labyrinth" auction
The auction will open on Thursday the 27th at 5 p.m. EST (10pm GMT)

This is great, but also rather uncanny. This is sort of what I’d expect a puppet Sarah to look like.


Oh my goodness, I almost forgot to post this! One of my favorite works recently, a tribute of the 1986 movie Labyrinth (my favoriteeee) that I did for an 80s themed gallery show. Gosh I love this movie so much!

This is simply gorgeous!