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I went to a talk yesterday by Neil Gaiman - he made a number of interesting points but the ones that spoke to me most strongly were about his female characters. Responding to two questions from the audience, he made the following points - 1. The secret to writing a good female character is simple - write them as people. 2. His stories Coraline and The Wolves in the Walls are essentially about girls who save themselves/their families from insidious forces. Adaptations of these two books (into a film and a play, respectively) altered them so that the girls were no longer positioned as the sole heroes of their respective narratives - they either had to be supported or saved by others.

I see parallels to Labyrinth in all manner of weird and wonderful places but found Gaiman’s comments particularly relevant to how the property has been treated. The original film is about a girl who makes a bad choice, comes to regret it and goes on to save both herself and the sibling she’s endangered. The manga undermines this by focusing on the far more typical story-line of the geeky teenage boy who discovers he has a significant destiny, TM - Sarah is literally demoted to sub-plot status and becomes horribly victimized.

I’ve made this point before but really felt like it could do with stating again. I find Labyrinth unique and special because of how Sarah is characterized as a hero in her own right - she doesn’t need saving and that’s rather wonderful.

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